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Revitalise your health with an escape from corporate life.

Sandra Zeiback shares why corporate wellness retreats are so essential.

Corporate Wellness is a hot trend right now! The concept itself; has been around for a while - Global Workplace Wellness in 2020 was ($49 billion*), and the benefits of wellness: corporately, and in life as we know it now - after a pandemic, continues to evolve.

Not only are people more conscious about physical health; they are also focused on mental and emotional wellbeing; seeking out and engaging in activities to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

‘Wellness is an active pursuit of activities, choice, and lifestyle’ – The Global Wellness Institute.

Workplaces are also realising, that the mental, emotional, and physical health of their staff is imperative for a productive, resilient, happy, and innovative workplace. And, that wellness, whether offered in a program, or retreat, is not only important today, but also essential.

Corporate wellness inspires positive change. Recent surveys by the Global Wellness Institute have shown there has been a huge increase of organisations and small businesses including wellness activities or, a whole wellness itinerary in their conferences and events.

There is also a surge in businesses, who may already be familiar with health promotion programs, wellness incentives, or workplace ergonomics, but are now keen to adopt an employee wellbeing strategy; to support and improve the health and wellbeing of their staff.

People come up with their best ideas, creations and collaborations when they are away from the workplace- often in fresh air, out in nature or in an inviting venue or environment- with the time and space to brainstorm, collaborate, create, and focus.

Getting out of the office to head away from the “day-to-day”, improves mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Keeps one stress-free, rejuvenated, purposeful, and productive.

It is imperative that organisations are supporting the overall health of their teams’ including their mental and emotional wellbeing and, a corporate Wellness Retreat provides the perfect opportunity for employers to move toward a culture which proactively manages the wellness in the workplace; fostering a healthier work environment where people bring their best self to work.

Corporate Wellness Retreats provide an essential break from work; to create space: mentally and physically. They are an essential escape that helps to foster a more positive environment on return to the workplace.

A healthy business needs healthy staff. Like any well-designed wellness program, a

corporate retreat can boost morale, empowering all team members, encouraging better health behaviours, reduced absenteeism, and heightened productivity. Wellness retreats also help an organisation to retain staff for longer (they feel more valued in the workplace). A positive environment for all parties to be in. Leaders can use this way of employee wellness for greater effectiveness.

Forward thinking organisations are including wellness retreats as part of their corporate retreats and conferences; helping people to succeed, in a culture and mindful environment, that produces emotionally intelligent, productive, happy people.

Jo Surkitt is a forward thinker (her first wellness company, ‘Feeling for Life’ in 2002, was one of the first workplace wellness company in the industry) and a wellness and corporate wellness escapist. Founder of Revitalise Lifestyle and Revitalise Escapes, Jo understands the many benefits of wellness; emotional - understanding your feelings and coping with stress; occupational - satisfaction in contributions and feeling appreciated at work; environmental – having respect for the world around you; and physical; and, that corporate wellness is imperative.

Corporate Wellness is evident in Jo’s running of Revitalise Escapes. Curating getaways for corporate groups, that are fun and rejuvenating; with an aim to empower organisations to create and incorporate stronger corporate wellness for their teams.

Why Revitalise Escapes?

Revitalise Escapes tailors’ unique programs and experiences, that incorporate leadership and team building sessions, with nature; in an environment that promotes creativity, innovation, intuition, curiosity, imagination, and connection.

Our programs are designed to provide sustainable and positive solutions creating a healthy work environment, building a positive corporate culture, engaging, and motivating staff, to boost business performance and productivity. – Founder, Jo Surkitt

Revitalise Escapes helps to shape and lead organisations. We work with you to design a

program that meets the needs of your workplace. We provide space and opportunity to slow down and switch off from work, to increase motivation and productivity.

Revitalise Escapes’ Corporate Wellness retreats, offer the perfect balance; of breathtaking destinations with unique wellness activities; leadership sessions, collaborative team building activities, that allow an organisation’s teams, to relax and rejuvenate, coming away feeling more inspired, focused, and refreshed. This may include leadership and professional workshops to activities like mindfulness, art classes, indigenous nature walks, The Amazing Race, beach activities, massages, sound healings, yoga or tai chi to name a few. Businesses get to choose what works for their team.

Creating opportunity for positive change.

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